Cookie Pal

Our Story

The four of us met in a training program for our rescue dogs. Our one common passion was obvious, a love of animals, but we also enjoyed nutritious, great tasting food. Two of us had dogs with cancer and were making homemade pet food and treats from high-quality human ingredients. As we began to imagine sharing the treats with our human and animal friends our excitement grew. That led to the creation of Cookie Pal.

We began testing the recipe with large-scale production in mind, using organic ingredients like oat flour, molasses, coconut oil, cashew butter, and turmeric. All the while we were feeding it to animals and humans. Our goal was to create a tasty treat and maximize the nutritional benefits. Wagging and swishing tails and big smiles were the first signs that dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, and people loved Cookie Pal.

From the start, we knew that a regular supply of treats and some of the profits would go to a worthy cause.

Taste our treats along with your pets!